The Twin Flame Journey

Twinflame Love is a phenomenon. Yes, I use the word phenomenon to describe Twinflame love. The Twinflame relationship is a true love story. It is a love story taking you home to God, to the God within you. For the Twinflame, finding the God within you begins when you start your journey home. What does that mean? Home is where your Twinflame is. And, your Twinflame is first and foremost inside of you; representing the divine love inside of you. My Twinflame feels like home to me and I feel like home to him. Separation began when our souls were created. That sounds ridiculous I know, but the truth is our souls were created as one and then split apart by God the Creator so that we could experience life in separate physical realities. We, the Twinflames, have chosen to experience life in this way. Each lifetime that we have journeyed here, we gathered information and brought it back to one another in the etheric realm; and did it again, and again. For Twinflames, Earth is a place to educate yourself, experience physicality and play the necessary roles to find our way back to one another. Yes, we have connected with one another along the timelines, but it wasn’t until this timeline that we have had the opportunity as Twinflame couples to come together in full reunion and journey into our soul.
And now, with that knowledge, it is time to recognize that your love story began the moment you were born in this lifetime, and as you have journeyed upon the earth the timelines have shifted back and forth, up and down, left and right to accommodate your needs as a soul up to the point where you met your Twinflame. When you met your beloved in this life, you may have thought that, that was union, but the truth is that when you separated from each other in this lifetime that was the true beginning of your journey to union. It is with design that separation and repelling is a necessary part of the process of coming together. Often one Twinflame in the couple carries the knowing of who they are, why they are here while their counterpart may not necessarily understand. It is from this place that healing begins; the connection reveals all barriers to union and self love for each twinflame and twinflame couple to experience, evolve past and unite. The other common things, that take place when you reconnect with your Twinflame in this life, are amplifying of the energies of passion, creativity, intuition. Only then can Twinflames actually begin to see the God within each other; seeing one another with clear eyes, seeing through your heart, seeing through your wisdom, that is the union. This is a journey that takes each individual twinflame throughout the full spectrum of feelings from fear to joy; and it is the ultimate journey to self love. As you go forward on this journey of self discovery, you realize that spirit is guiding you every step of the way. The power of twinflame couples to overcome any obstacles is the greatest it has ever been. It is here now. It is real and it is possible.
This form of love has never been on the planet before in this way and in this capacity. It has taken a hold of all humanity, not only the people involved in Twinflame love, but many are hoping to be part of it too. The opportunity for divine love in past timelines was rare, and often when it happened, it showed up as tragedy or unrequited love energy that could never be quelled, nor come to pass. The call has gone out to awaken all Twinflames from their slumber; for the rest of humanity, it has awakened within them the quest for divine love. This energy is paving way for a massive human consciousness shift within in every living being on the planet. The time for union is now.