Spread Love Campaign


The Mission: To Spread Love

Won’t you join me?

When I returned from Egypt, I came back with the knowing that my mission on earth was to teach love, be love, live love. Over that summer, I was sitting on a park bench in New York  thinking how do I reach the multitude of people that are so oblivious to life and even more closed off to love. As many of you are aware, I find hearts everywhere on my path practically everyday and it always brings joy to my heart and a smile to my face even in the wake of a bad day. As I sat on the bench, I reached down and grabbed a white rock, drew a heart near my foot and hoped it would bring a smile to anyone who saw it. So, I thought what if….

I Write Love… I Draw a Heart…

Here is the plan… WHAT IF….we all did this? What if each and everyone of
you and all the people you know, bought a bucket of sidewalk chalk and started to spread love? What if we created Love Graffitti?

Want to Participate? How, you ask? Simple. Buy a box of chalk and have at it. Wherever you are walking down a road or on a sidewalk, carry a piece of chalk with you and get inspired to draw, write or create love using words or symbols. Make Magic Happen Here on Earth. Spread the Word. Teach Your Kids. Who doesn’t want a little love? The best part is….it washes off in the rain so no one can really complain.

Most importantly START NOW, SPREAD THE WORD, SPREAD LOVE AND SHARE STORIES and pictures of your experiences Now