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I understand that the healing process is evolutionary and that each individual’s journey requires different tools along the way to help them regain and create the life they truly desire; therefore, each appointment is as unique as each individual. An appointment with me can involve a combination of any of the following: Arcturian Sound Healing Techniques, Pleiaidian Lightwave Technology, Intuitive Scan of Your Chakras, Auric Reading, Energy Healing, Reiki, Chakra Clearing, Crystal Energy Therapy, Soul Essence Therapy, Essential Oil Therapy and Incense, Intuitive Counseling, Past Life Regression, Removal of Blocks, Obstructions, Curses and/or Dark Energies, Meditation, Movement, and more. My sessions can be done in person, over the phone or through Skype Sessions.

ENERGY HEALING: The essence of healing energy is love, peace, harmony, cooperation and trust. It can also be known as universal life force energy guided by a higher power. Because every living thing is made of energy, this type of heal restores the natural energetic balance back your energy bodies.
Healing Practitioners use their hands on the person to be healed with the full intention of healing the client for their highest good. Healing energy flows automatically to where it is needed. Healing energy works on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

STAR-BEING TECHNIQUES: I work with the Arcturian Masters of Light and the Pleaidian Emissaries of Light to perform Energy Body Scans, DNA Upgrades, Unlocking Codes, Past Life and more as needed during my healing sessions.

ESSENTIAL OIL THERAPY: Essential oils and aromatherapy may be new terms to modern people, but it is an ancient art and science and has been around for thousands of years. I regularly use Essential Oils in my business as Aromatherapy, but in 2011, when I was in Egypt, I purchased Frankincense, Amber and Rose Essential Oils and began to use them in my classes for initiations and blessings with my students as guided through the Star Beings. It wasn’t until the last couple of years that I began to use them in a form other than simply as aromatherapy. My view of the uses of Essential Oils began to expand in recent years when I found Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils through Young Living. I have found their oils to be of highest purity and vibration. As I expand my knowledge and utilize my intuition with these oils, I have not only found research that they are healing, but I use them myself and have experienced great healing.

If you would like to learn more about oils, please do feel free to contact me or you may go to their website for more information. Please see the link below.

If you are ready to experience Young Living Essential Oils, please click the link and enter my Member Number as 1398177 when you sign up.

HOUSE CLEARINGS: Spiritual House Blessings and Clearings are an important tool for balancing and maintaining positive energy in your home and/or office. Over time energy tends to stagnate therefore creating an atmosphere of stress, anxiety and melancholy. The energy of your space may be a contributing factor to the problems or difficulties that may arise in your life.

Do you feel stuck?
Have you noticed repetitious patterns and unwanted habits in your life?
Are you constantly plagued with physical ailments?
Does your house feel congested?
Is there an unseen tension in the air?
Do you feel like your sleep is not restful?
Have you noticed an increase in confrontations within your family while in the house?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the energy of your space could be impeding your life changes.
With a house clearing you will experience a renewal in your energy, your home and your work. Your environment will become your sanctuary a place where you truly receive a respite from life’s worries.

Do you get an uncomfortable feeling when you are home alone?
Do you feel as though someone is watching you?
Do you hear noises?
Do you have a problem with electronic equipment malfunctioning?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your house could be haunted.

There are various types of “otherworldly beings” that may inhabit your home. The presence of these entities can be cumbersome in your day to day life. Although some may find it intriguing to live with a “ghost” others find it to be fearful or frustrating. Nevertheless, it is important to note that these energies do not belong and need to be dealt with in order to maintain the health of the environment and the home.

Do you have a house that has lasted longer on the market than most?
Is the feedback for your listing about heavy energy?
Has a divorce, foreclosure, death, criminal act occurred in the home you’re trying to sell?

If you are looking for a solution to these problems, it is possible a cleansing will do the trick. Soul Star Healing specialize in removing stagnant, negative energy bringing your house or personal space back into balance.

The house cleansing and blessing is a unique experience and we will do our best to tailor to your needs.

$250 is base price for basic 2Bedrooms, Bathroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen. Larger space will require additional fee.

Please contact me for more information and to schedule a House Clearing or Blessing.

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