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All classes held at Soul Star Healing in Guilford, CT unless otherwise noted. You must pre-register for classes.

Healing Classes

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Intuitive Healing aka Reiki Level One: This class is open to all. Join others guided to learn intuitive energy healing. Each student will be attuned to Usui Reiki & Angelic Reiki Level One. In addition, The Arcturian Masters of Light will initiate you with a Sound Activation into Multi-dimensional energy and assist you in raising your vibration more quickly. Learn of the history of Reiki, meet the guides that wish to assist you on your healing journey, learn about Auras and Chakras and learn how to use your intuition to guide your use of energy healing as well as other healing techniques. It is more than just a Reiki Class, you will be inspired and amazed.Intuitive Healing aka Reiki Level Two: Prerequisite: Reiki Level One. Join others guided on their path of learning intuitive energy healing. Each student will be attuned to Usui Reiki & Angelic Reiki Level Two. In addition, my guides The Arcturian Masters of Light will initiate you into Multi-dimensional energy. Each student will learn the following techniques: Long Distance Healing, Goal Empowerment, Chakra Spinning and Balancing and Body Scanning. We will work with pendulums and connecting with our Higher Self. This tends to be a day of lots of practice. It is more than just a Reiki Class, you will be inspired and amazed.

Intuitive Healing aka Reiki Level Three Master Level (Non–Teaching Level): Prerequisite: Reiki Level II Each student will be attuned to Usui Reiki & Angelic Reiki Level Three the Master Level. Each student will learn the following techniques: how to use crystals for healing and creating a Crystal Grid, Techniques for Self Healing, including Inner Child Healing, the Master Symbol and additional symbols for healing, removal of energy blocks. You will also receive an Arcturian Initiation. It is more than just a Reiki Class, you will be inspired and amazed.

Intuitive Healing aka Reiki Master Teacher Level: Prerequisite: Reiki Level III Each student will learn the Master symbols to perform attunements and initiate others into Usui & Angelic Reiki. They will learn Business Codes, Teaching Guidelines, Learning to conduct Healings and attunements as well as prepare to begin their own practice.

Children’s Intuitive Energy Healing Classes: Classes available for different age groups from 6 to 16. This workshop is designed with a child’s well being in mind for the purpose of teaching Reiki. It will help children get in touch with the subtle energy and learn simple methods of using Reiki to help heal themselves and those around them. The environment will be a nurturing, supportive atmosphere where children will be allowed to discover their potential as an energy healer. It will be fun and interactive. Children will leave the class with a greater feeling of self-confidence and empowerment. There are several versions of this class to meet the age group of the students. In addition, there is a class developed as an 8 week after school program.

Energy Healing Information Session: What is it? Why is it becoming so popular? What can it do for me personally? Answer all these questions and more in this class. You will learn about the healing benefits of Energy and why it is so imperative during these times of change and transition to utilize it so that you and can more easily manifest your dreams. You will learn what you need to know about energy, how it works and why it is necessary for maintaining or attaining your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. This class will be informational and there will be hands on demonstration.

Energy Healing Share: Open to all levels of Energy Healing Practitioners. Come meet others guided by the use of Energy to give and receive healing in a supportive, light filled environment. It is a circle where only light and love reside to share touching stories and life changing experiences. We readily offer to share and give healing to others, but often we do not take opportunities to receive it for ourselves.

A Healer’s Toolbox: When you catch a cold, have allergies, upset stomach, cut a finger, or feel sleepless, what is your first line of defense? Do you look in your medicine cabinet or do you run to the local pharmacy? What do you have in your bag of tricks? Unfortunately, quite often those things we have or use often have side effects with them, short term or long term. There are many quick, cost effective, natural remedies for everyday ailments that can replace what you currently reach for. Being an energy healer, the last thing I reach for is medicine, so we will talk about some great healing opportunities from my medicine chest. Did you know that Peppermint has many uses besides being tasty in toothpaste and a great flavoring in candy or gum? It can help with headaches, stomach discomfort, improving concentration and more. Come learn about the uses of peppermint and other things for every day care.

Healing of the Chakras: The Art of Creating Your Way to Health: Open to all. This class will discuss the seven major energy centers in the human body known as Chakras. We will delve deeper into Chakra Healing and beyond a beginner’s look at chakras because they play a much larger role in your life than you can imagine! This class will be informative and helpful in understanding the energy blocks that underlie many dis-eases associated with your physical, mental and emotional well being. There are energetic disturbances to love, blocks to motivation, difficulties in getting past your physical illnesses and with this class; we will take a look at how everyday life interacts with your chakras. It will be a beneficial class for energy healers, therapists—really anyone working on themselves or with other people to heal their physical and mental self. Using art, sound, smell and meditation we will connect with our chakras and learn techniques for working with and healing them. Healing a chakra will heal your life!

Healing through Flowers: Have you seen those little bottles of Flower Essences in your local health food? You know the ones that look like potions of ancient apothecaries. This class will be dedicated to a discussion of what flower essences are, how they work, what they can do for you. You will learn about the subtle energy healing of flowers, have a beginner’s knowledge of what to do with Flower Essences and a list of the common ones that are necessary in today’s world. See what the magic of Nature holds for you.

Inner Child Healing Workshop: Heal Your Inner Child with the use of Reiki through this 6-week workshop. This workshop is done completely online and will require you to connect with everyone online during the 6 weeks. You will also be asked to connect with the group once a week through a 30 minute conference call. The majority of the work is done by you on your own through meditation and Reiki, but the group dynamic is necessary to your healing and the healing of the group. This work is highly energetic and will catapult you further into your own personal healing process and requires your commitment. Because the work is done on your own, through the use of the internet and conference call, you do not have to attend any live sessions in CT, you may be located anywhere. However, you must be a Reiki Practitioner of Level III Reiki or above in order to perform all the Reiki that is required in this workshop.

Introduction to Essential Oils: Join others wanting to expand their knowledge or even get acquainted with Essential Oils. You will learn about what Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are, how to apply them, how to use them to maintain your well being, how to use them for first aid and how they can replace the need for over-the-counter remedies. As you all know I have been using essential oils for years, but nothing was more magical than when I found the high vibrational Essential Oils. Now, I’d like to share that with you too. So come on, have fun and learn about their magic.

Sound Healing Class: You do not have to be an Energy Healer to take this class—it is open to everyone wanting to learn healing. Sound Vibration techniques are a more advanced form of Energy Healing and will be taught to you with the assistance of The Hathors (Star beings from the 4th Dimension) and the Arcturian Masters of Light (Star beings from the 8th Dimension) who will not only initiate you into Sound Energy, but have provided the outline of this class. You will learn how to use your voice for healing body, mind and spirit for yourself and others. Singing ability is not necessary.

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Spiritual & Intuitive Development Classes

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Connecting with Your Intuition: A beginner class on intuition; we will talk about what intuition is, how we receive our inner guidance and what to do with it. You will learn how to ground and protect your energy. Come prepared to learn just how powerful you can become when you know how to use your inner compass. There will be a discussion, meditation and opportunities to experience how Spirit works in your life.Energy Body Upgrades & Alignments: These energy body upgrades and attunements have proven to be quite successful in aligning individuals with who they truly are. These are distant healings that prepare/clear/support/align/balance/manifest all the evolutionary changes to your mental/emotional/physical/spiritual bodies. While this work is performed through the magnification of group energy, you will experience completely what is in your highest light possible for you. I will send you how to prepare yourself to receive the healing and upon completion I will email a description as to what happened in the higher dimensions during the process. The dates are selected by my guides; however, you may select the time of the day to consciously receive or simply allow the energy to flow through your higher self as needed that day. I have testimonials about previous experiences if you would like to know more.

Introduction to Auras: This is a beginner’s level class with discussion of the Auric Energy Bodies surrounding physical beings and objects. What are Auras? We all hear about them, talk about them, and use them in discussion, but do you really know what they are? Do you know what they look? Do you know how to see them? And if you do, do you know what the colors mean?

Introduction to Pendulums: Everyone wants to know how to access their innate knowledge also called intuition, but as a beginner to this world of energy and self awareness, you may be thinking you need to start somewhere. This is a great first step to do just that. You will create pendulum charts that will help you to explore your higher self beyond the simple use of a pendulum. Bring along your favorite pendulum—if you don’t have one you can always make one. This is a beginner’s class, but it would benefit anyone wanting to use their pendulum in different ways to help them find answers to questions they have been wanting or just to brush up on their skills and expand what they may already know.

Intuitive Development Circle: This class is designed for development, evolvement and connection of your intuitive abilities. It is not important how intuitive you already feel; the energy (vibration) of the group will assist everyone in reaching their gifts much more quickly. This group will help you to make connections with others on their path, assist and guide you on your journey and provide an arena for your evolving spirituality. The group involves the following: meditation, different teachings, movement, use of different “psychic” tools, and of course practice for everyone. This group is open to anyone who wants to learn and develop lasting friendships and their intuitive abilities.

Manifest Your Dreams with your Thoughts: What do thoughts have to do with how your life is going? EVERYTHING! Did you ever wonder how you can manifest what you desire? It has everything to do with your thought processes. This class will help you change your perception and words that you use in everyday life. Unfortunately, we have a lot of patterns and old beliefs that no longer serve us. Come learn how to gain a new perspective on life. Join others that want to create a life they love, one that is free from limiting beliefs and where everything is possible.

Meditation Class: This class is open to anyone wishing to meditate in a high vibrational energy. Meditation is a process that leads the individual to a higher state of awareness, deeper sense of well being and a peaceful demeanor. This class will incorporate several techniques including sound, breath work, energy balancing and guided imagery. It is open to all levels to experience tranquility in an environment that is warm and nurturing.

Meet Your Angels, Meet Your Guides. Join others in the energy of connection to meet your messenger(s).: Through a guided meditation exercise you will have the opportunity to meet and ask your helpers for the support you want in your everyday life. Guardian Angels have been assigned to stand by you throughout your life; they know everything you’ve said, done or thought since the day you were born. Spirit Guides are much like Guardian Angels; they have been with you through one or more of your lives. Once you’re open to them, you can feel/sense their presence around you all the time.

Monthly Goddess Wisdom Circle: This group is for women to embody and anchor the divine feminine energy on this planet. We will be loving our body to health, loving our soul to express itself and loving our mind to embrace our truths. It is a playgroup for our souls and a journey into self discovery and mastery. Topics to learn will include energy healing, movement, intuition, nutrition, health, wellness, etc. (too many to list) We will gather together monthly, to learn about being a goddess, support one another and heal ourselves. At the end of class, we will enjoy a potluck.

Past Life Experience: Did you know that this is only one dimension of life and that you lived more than one lifetime? Do you want to know who you were and what time period you lived in before? Or perhaps you know about a past life that you lived and want to find out about another one? Or you wish to have more clarity about a particular life that you remembered. You simply need to be open to the possibility. Through a guided meditation exercise you will receive the opportunity to meet yourself in another time and space.

Path of Light: If there was a school for the soul, lessons for living as a multi-dimensional human or a crash course in living in the new earth energies, this would be the workshop for you. It is four weeks of combining both daily internet communication and a weekly conference call. The “homework” is essential for finding balance in your life, manifesting your dreams and establishing or strengthening your own personal foundation. Over the weeks, I will be giving you tools for developing that Strong Personal Foundation. With the assistance of my guides and my own personal experiences of evolution, I have created a plan to help you move through this transitional time in earth’s history with balance and ease. Remember, everything takes practice so too does creating the life you’ve always wanted to live. You will enjoy this class from the comfort of your home.

Teen Meditation Class: This class is open to teens aged 13 to 17. This class will assist you to look within to find your own sense of happiness and well-being in a world that is rapidly transforming. It is for anyone who wants to learn more about or develop their intuition and meditation practice or increase their ability to focus and find more clarity. The class involves the following: different forms of meditation, movement, sound, use of different psychic tools, and of course lots of practice for everyone. It is not important how intuitive you already feel or what your meditation background is, it is more important that you are open, ready to learn and willing to connect with others on this path.

Tools for Strengthening Your Aura: This is a beginner’s level class with discussion of the Auric Energy Bodies surrounding physical beings and objects. What are Auras? We all hear about them, talk about them, and use them in discussion, but do you really know what they are? You will learn to sense, feel and see Auras; and develop a better understanding of the role they play in your life. Because your Aura meets the world before you do, it is important to understand what weakens it and strengthens it. You will learn how to maintain, protect, strengthen and cleanse your Aura. Some would say having a strong Aura is like having psychic defense.

Revolution of Love: This will be a monthly group through teleconference for those of you who want to make manifest the New Earth by establishing it with a foundation of Love. This group will require everyone’s participation, courage to stand up for their truth, passion to change the way things have been done and be ready and willing to start a real movement forward first locally and then globally. Gather your thoughts and ideas on what you want to work on and bring them to this phone conference: we will support one another. Topics can be anything from clean water, removing GMO’s to New Approach to Healthcare, etc.

Weekly Goddess Wisdom Circle: This group is for women to embody and anchor the divine feminine energy on this planet. We will be loving our body to health, loving our soul to express itself and loving our mind to embrace our truths. It is a playgroup for our souls and a journey into self discovery and mastery. Topics to learn will include energy healing, movement, intuition, nutrition, health, wellness, etc. (too many to list)We will gather together weekly, to learn about being a goddess, support one another and heal ourselves. At the end of class, we will enjoy a potluck. Please wear comfy clothes so you can move (like yoga pants, sweats, etc), bring along a change of clothes if you need to change after class.

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Essential Oils & Flower Essences
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Why Use Essential Oils & Flower Essences?Humanity has done a tremendous job of raising their vibration on this path of Ascension that we are traveling. In doing, they have ultimately changed their DNA and upgraded their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies; thereby affecting what the human body requires to heal. The higher the vibration of the individual, the more likely traditional medicine alone will not work. Unfortunately, modern traditional medicine relies on technology and a model of specialization which ultimately creates a model of separation of treatment and is unable to accommodate the person’s needs as a whole. Healing an individual in today’s world requires much higher vibrational techniques than what modern medicine offers alone.

I’ve experienced this firsthand which began my career with Reiki. Then, after my car accident of 2013, once again, I experienced the necessity to utilize higher vibrational methods. There is a time and place for modern, technological medicine; however, for prevention and maintenance of a high vibration individual, alternative techniques are most needed because of their higher vibrational qualities. The higher frequency a person is the higher vibrational therapies need to be.

In addition to my energy healing techniques, I use Flower Essence Remedies and Essential Oils for their high vibrational properties. Flower Remedies have a gentle, subtle effect on the individual, but can work rather quickly. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils have a more potent effect on an individual and can complement any current treatment or support an entire system in your body. Remember, before there were pharmaceutical companies, there was nature providing us with natural medicine by way of plants, trees, etc. Nature offers us the highest vibrations for healing. You can spend a day outside simply sitting under a tree and your mood will have improved. Don’t underestimate how powerful Flower Essences and Essential Oils can be. They just may change your experience, and heal you while doing so. Please click on their respective tabs for further information

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Psychic Parties & Events
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Other fees associated with Psychic Parties & Events are Travel Fee. Please inquire for more details by contacting me at:

Classes are individually priced and will be updated on the classes page. I am open to offer a class at your home for 6 or more people. Please inquire for specific class and details.

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