You must pre-register for classes.  Contact April at 203-397-6073 or e-mail: to reserve your space.  All classes held at Soul Star Healing in Guilford, CT unless otherwise noted.

EstaRa Channels Live: EstaRa is a live channel. Simply put: EstaRa allows beings of light to use her body, mind and spirit to communicate to you. She brings these messages of light, love and healing as inspirational bits of wisdom for living in today’s ever-changing and evolving world. EstaRa primarily channels her guides, The Arcturian Masters of Light; however, other divine beings of light have been known to show up to share their words of love and encouragement as well.

Equinox & Solstice Ceremonies: Celebration of the Equinoxes and the Solstices is an ancient tradition that I honor with a gathering of like-minded individuals.  It is an opportunity to join with Light Tribe – the people of Mother Earth – to join in joyful, sacred ceremony and the energy of unity. It is an opportunity to amplify the energy to assist Mother Earth on her ascension as well as our own.

Out of Office Adventures:  These are opportunities to travel out on adventures as a group with like-minded individuals to improve your mind, balance your spirit and heal your body. These journeys are often spontaneous for various reasons and held at various locations. Join us if you are ready to explore who you truly are and where you fit in this world at this time of planetary evolution.

Spiritual Movie: Join other like-minded souls sharing in the adventure of watching a spiritual movie together and having discussion time afterward.

Thanksgiving Celebration: Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because to me it represents universal love and gratitude. I use this day to celebrate the energies of the 11-11 Gateway with a peaceful meditation on love, gratitude, healing and unity with one another. We will come together to celebrate Thanksgiving in a healthy eating way by way of making a Gluten Free, Vegetarian Potluck Thanksgiving Meal.

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