Children are such a blessing on our planet and yet we sometimes forget that they are here to teach us, too! Children are open and wanting to use their inherent gifts to explore life more fully; we need only to provide them with those opportunities. I find that working with children is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

I spent about a year working in the mainstream arena where I developed a children’s group known as STARS: Socialization through Arts, Recreation and Science. I found that the mainstream arena is not where my gifts are best utilized; however, I loved working with the children and enjoyed the opportunity. I prefer to use my inherent gifts to explore the best way to help a child that wants some assistance in everyday life and may need some guidance.

 There are many ways to adapt to working with a child; it is just necessary to read the energy field of a child to determine the most appropriate way in which to work with them. Some children need guidance, some need help in understanding who they are and why they are here and others simply need to know they are not alone and that they are safe. There is a whole population out there known as “the new children” or “indigo children” (called such because of what is seen in their energy fields).  What I have found is that what may have worked for some children doesn’t work for all and the traditional methods are not always the most successful or the most appropriate ways to help children especially with the children of today.

 When I first learned energy healing, I tried it on everyone I knew including my four year old niece. She was having a terrible time trying to breathe due to her asthma. I asked her if I could do some reiki over her head. She said yes. I stood behind where she was sitting and placed my hands over her head a few inches not touching her and asked her if she felt anything. She nodded her little head yes and told me she felt warmth. That was the consistent response I had heard from everyone, but what I didn’t expect was her description when I asked where she felt it.  She said, “in my heart.”  Her answer brought tears of joy in my eyes. (As I mentioned above, I had only placed my hands over her head.) She had captured it perfectly. My four year old niece had captured the essence of reiki healing: love. Adults question and sometimes struggle with the concept of reiki, but children they just know it so clearly.

 After that experience, I began doing reiki sessions with children. I not only perform reiki during the sessions, but I encourage children to take on healthy attitudes and discuss how they can take care of themselves when not receiving reiki.  Shortly thereafter, I decided that one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the knowledge of self healing. While I truly believe there are many benefits to performing reiki healing treatments on children, my thought is why not teach children reiki?  When you bring together the openness and wonderment of children with the energy of reiki healing, you create the opportunity for magic here on Earth. Children are teachers, guides and future leaders, and teaching them reiki enables their clarity and validates their inherent abilities as healers.

 In 2007, I began teaching reiki to children.  As a result, I have created Children’s Manual to accompany my children’s classes. The book is called, Shine Your Light: A Child’s Guide to Healing. This book covers not only a child’s initiation into reiki, but incorporates other things a child needs to develop to maintain a sense of wellness in their life. It is a book that can be used by other reiki master teachers to teach children the art of reiki. Beginning in 2010, I will hold classes to teach other reiki masters to teach children.

In addition to performing energy healing sessions and teaching energy healing to children, I also have intuitive development circles for them where they can connect with their own sense of intuition and their angels. I have developed various ways for children to interact with the realm of spirit, by creating Fairy Birthday parties and Animal Totem Birthday Parties. Children want so badly to reach each and every one with their light, it is time to let them shine it bright. My goal is to create a nurturing environment both in my office and in a child’s life that becomes a virtual “playground” for development of a greater sense of self confidence, empowerment and balance in today’s world.